Fire Retardant Cabins

These cabins are made of Profile Sheet Sandwich panels. The walls may have different types of insulations like B2 Rated foam, Glass Wool and Rockwool etc. The skeleton is made of steel, while the floor is made of Cement Board. These cabins are fire rated. The skins of the walls are made of Galvanized Iron, cement board etc. These skins are long lasting and easy to maintain. These cabins comply with PDO standard Specifications for Camps.

Knockdown Type Cabins

Knockdown type container cabins are the best type of cabins. They are set of pre-fabricated, pre-manufactured containers, transported in a compact packing. For installation, you need very few tools and just a few workers. Walls are made of Galvanized Iron having Fire rated insulation. The floor is fire proof cement board, so is the ceiling. You can mantle and dismantle these cabins in no time, with almost 0% damage, which usually occurs in other type of cabins. These cabins are too strong that they can be placed one on another, so by adding some staircases and walking corridors you can save a lot of space. Their compactness may decrease the transportation costs up to 4 times. These cabins comply with PDO standard Specifications for Camps.

Prefabricated Building

Prefabricated Buildings are far better than portable cabins in the sense that they have concrete floors. The main skeleton of the building is made by Steel members of appropriate type and size. The walls are then fixed as per the required cladding. You can have a fully functioning building in a very short time. Temporary passenger terminal of Sohar Airport is one of the examples, which was built and commissioned in just 45 calendar days.

Industrial Sheds

Industrial sheds are pre engineered, prefabricated structures, which are used for different industrial purposes. The requirement of the shed is carefully studied and its skeleton is engineered as per required parameters. The incorporated civil foundation is constructed at the site and the skeleton is erected. The skeleton is finally provided with required cladding. A wide range of industrial sheds are available, which can be used for a variety of jobs.